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Valuable Benefits of Hibiscus for Hair Care

There are several natural ingredients which can do amazing things for your hair. Hibiscus is one of them. Hibiscus can promote growth of thicker and stronger hair. It can also help in controlling dandruff, prevent split ends and reduce hair fall to a great extent. Let us see how benefits of hibiscus can help us in hair care.

  • Stimulates Hair Growth – Hibiscus is rich in nutrients like amino acids which are essential for producing keratin. Keratin is the building blocks for our hair. Hibiscus is capable of stimulating scalp and encouraging hair re-growth even among dormant follicles and bald patches. This is one of the prime reasons why hibiscus is an essential ingredient in many natural hair care products.

  • Smoothens and Shines Hair – This is another one of the most famous and commonly well known benefits of hibiscus for hair. Hibiscus makes hair shiny and smooth. Regular use of hair care products containing hibiscus will strengthen your hair strands and make hair bounce with luster and life.

  • Deep Conditions Hair – Dry hair problems can be effectively managed with hibiscus. Hibiscus conditions and nourishes scalp and hair locks. It can also keep away many other problems that can stem from dry scalp. Hibiscus is an excellent conditioner and can be applied on hair and hair follicles.

  • Treats Dandruff and Itchiness – Alongside conditioning the hair and balancing pH of the scalp, especially if you are having oily hair, hibiscus thoroughly moisturizes scalp and fights off dandruff. Benefits of hibiscus are aplenty, dandruff and itchiness is just one of them.

  • Delays Premature Graying – Amazing nutrients found in hibiscus enrich hair follicles and effectively prevent premature graying of hair. Hibiscus for hair care is an excellent ingredient. It can help you maintain luster and hair color alongside keeping graying away.

  • Combats Hair Loss – Hibiscus is an excellent natural remedy for hair loss which can stop frequent hair fall. Nutritional content of hibiscus is rich in calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin C and some traces of carotene. This powerful combination of nutrients provides natural hair nourishment along with preventing hair loss.

  • Prevents Hair Breakage – Nourishment from hibiscus strengthens hair shaft and strands and which means less of hair breakage. Hair split ends are also avoided as hibiscus completely strengthens hair from shaft to tip. No wonder numerous all natural products in the market are using hibiscus for hair care!

Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum

Hibiscus along with aloe is an essential ingredient of Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum which soothes the scalp. This scalp serum is formulated with natural extracts and vitamin B5. It helps relieve dry, itchy, flaky and irritated scalp. This all natural serum also strengthens hair alongside maintaining a healthy scalp.

Other ingredients in this Natural Scalp Serum include lupine extract which stimulates micro circulation in scalp and helps in maintaining healthy hair. Clover extract is another ingredient which helps in strengthening hair follicles. Vitamin B5 helps in retaining moisture provided by aloe and hibiscus alongside preventing flakiness and helping in improving hair strength. Application is easy. Take a small amount to fingertips or directly apply onto scalp and massage in a circular motion. Leave on for 30 minutes or overnight for best results before shampooing.

ristrah - Natural Scalp Serum


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