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2019’s coolest hair color trends

Hair Color Trends - 2019's

Coloring hair has always been fun. We don’t really need a reason to experiment with colors on our hair. Nevertheless, hair color can be the key in perfecting your style or at times even projecting the right attitude for the look. Furthermore, with the right hair color, you can highlight your facial features and skin tone to a whole new level. As much as it’s fun to experiment with colors on your hair, a wrongly chosen color could be a real party pooper!

With this blog, we would like to bring to your notice some of the coolest and most trending hair colors of 2019. Grab your coloring kit and scroll down to find out.

Get ready to RED

Get Ready to Red

On the subject of hair color, red has always been in the list of favorites. Color red combined with a dark skin tone brings out the ‘deadly’ in you. Along with giving the feel of a warrior, a bold look of the sort also oozes out confidence.

The badass blue

badass blue

Being one of the most versatile color in the world, the vibrancy of blue will definitely turn heads. Be it highlights or combos, color blue is set to give you the badass look. Remember Katy Perry with her stunning blue hair?

The rebel blonde

rebel blonde

This two-toned hairstyle is worth pushing yourself if needed. Breaking the conventional taboo of dark roots showing up, this combo has even hit the red carpet. Paired with darker lip shades, this style can give a longer look to your face and play up your eyes and mouth.


Get the Ginger

Ginger is one of the most natural hair colors while still looking radiant and stunning. Some of us might have an opinion that the hair color is subtle, but it still reveals attitude.

Beach, please!

Beach Please

Feel the ‘mermaid’ with the aqua shades of hair colors. The mermaid style has been trending since last year and this is one of those styles that you’ll be seeing a lot this year too. If you love aqua colors, you've got a wide variety of options to spread the soothing beach vibe wherever you go.

Mystery of black

Mystery of black

Jet black is one of the most versatile hair colors out there. Though there are thousands of varieties of hair colors, jet black is one color that will never go out of style. This is still an unsolved mystery, and don’t we love it that way!

Silver Lavender

Silver lavender

As the name suggests, the silver lavender is a smoky metallic version of lavender. This is one of the finest edgy hair trends that suits any skin tone. So if you like it, have no further thoughts, go for it!

Choco love

choco love

You had us at ‘hello’ chocolates! We are not able to figure out whether it’s the love for chocolates or the love for chocolates that made this style one of the most preferred ones. The chocolate colors have definitely got a bit of divinity in them.

Pour me some wine

Ever felt like a sexy vampire? Shades of color wine raise your bar of sharpness to a very irresistible level. It would be quite a tough task to turn back heads once they turn to your wine red hair.


Define the woman in you with color purple! Purple has a very strong inclination towards the feminine side. Isn’t it a sight for sore eyes to see purple on hair?

Stain-free color-play with Ristrah

Stain free color play with ristrah

As important as coloring your hair right, is choosing the right hair care product. For healthy hair and hassle-free hair coloring, we recommend Ristrah natural hair care. Our products are 100% vegan with all natural ingredients and Texas made.Use Ristrah Schild Hair Color Stain Protector to protect your skin from hair dye alongside restoring the natural glow.If you still manage to spill some color on your skin, do not panic, we still got your back. Use Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Remover to get rid of those stains. Worry not! It’s 100% vegan with completely natural ingredients.

Let us know which one of these hair colors you’re trying next.

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