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Tips to prevent hair shedding

Tips to prevent hair shedding

Hair shedding is a very normal thing and it’s common for everyone. There you go, that’s for your relief, just in case you didn’t know that. Hair experts say that it's normal for women to shed about 50 to 60 strands of hair a day. However, if you feel that you lose way more than 50 to 60 strands of hair a day, you should take some precautions or consider consulting a doctor.

Keep reading to find out some tips and tricks to prevent hair shedding.

Tip 1: Do not over brush your hair

Brushing/combing hair is an unavoidable regular practice that we do on a daily basis. It’s a great way to detangle and smoothen the hair. Nevertheless, over-brushing your hair can cause friction resulting in hair breakage and hair fall. Another factor is the type of brush you use. It’s recommended by beauticians that you use a comb with wide teeth as they tend to be less harmful to your hair.

Your hair type has to be kept in mind while choosing your hairbrush. Make sure to choose one that’s best compatible with your hair type. We recommend consulting your hairstylist for choosing the perfect comb for your hair type. A slight change in the direction of brushing can reduce harm. Instead of brushing from roots to the end, try brushing from the ends and then slowly move your way up. This way, you can prevent tugging and detangling hair strands from the roots.

Tip2: Less heat, less damage

If you are a frequent user of a hair straightener or flat iron and suffer from hair loss, it’s high time to reduce the frequency. We understand that these tools are quite handy to get your desired hairstyle right, but if it's causing harm to your hair you got to reduce the use of it. Make friends with heat protectant products and make sure to avoid hot styling tools whenever possible. If it's an unavoidable situation, see if you can reduce the temperature.

Tip 3: Break-up with ponytails

Ever noticed hair strands on your hair tie? Most of it happens while your tie and remove the ties. A few hair strands on the tie are normal but if you notice an extra bunch, know that you have the problem of hair fall. Either you avoid ponytails or use ties that do not snag your hair.

If you cannot avoid ponytails at all, avoid tighter ponytails and see lower the tail further from your roots. This way you can avoid pressure on your roots when your roots while you pull your tie off. Brushing your hair before you pull your tie might help reduce the hair fall during the process. See to it that you don’t sleep with a tied up hair as it can cause friction and increase the shedding.

Ristrah Natural Scalp Serum

The Natural Scalp serum from Ristrah is a great hair care buddy. Healthy hair grows on a healthy scalp. That’s why we formulated the Natural Scalp Serum for you to have a healthy scalp. It’s a 100% vegan products made with natural ingredients. The natural extracts and vitamin B5 present it this scalp serum will give you relief from the dry, itchy, flaky and irritated scalp. It helps in maintaining a healthy scalp resulting in strengthening your hair. Strong hair means reduced hair loss.

Try the Ristrah Natural Scalp Serum and if you feel that it’s not working for some reason, return it to us for a full refund within 30 days.

We would love to hear from you about your experience with our products or any hair care tips that you wish to share with us. Feel free to share your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.




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