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As BIG as your Wedding is your Wedding Hairstyle

Cool hair tips for your wedding.

Benefits of Hair care Tips

Weddings are HUGE events. Everything beginning from the planning to your wedding look has to be flawless. When it comes to the wedding look, your hair has to be at its best as it is the big day.

The prep for your perfect hairstyle needs time. That’s why it’s very crucial to start a few days, or weeks, or even months early to your big day. There might be a lot of questions popping in your mind like “When is the right time to wash my hair before the big day?”, “How do I select the perfect hairstyle?”, etc.

Below are some hair care tips that will help every bride to have the hair of her dreams for the wedding.

Choosing the wedding hairstyle

There are infinite options for wedding hairstyles available. Before you start freaking out, take a deep breath and read along. There are certain factors that will make the process of choosing the right hairstyle easier for you.

Before you choose your hairstyle, make sure that it’s not competing with your dress. The hairstyle should match and complement the wedding dress. The wedding dress is a highlight and the hairstyle is more of a key element that completes your wedding dress. So it’s very important to choose a hairstyle that matches your dress and your personality.

All about hair

The length, volume, and texture of your hair are some of the basic factors that could help you get the perfect hairstyle. So please don’t get disappointed if you like a particular hairstyle and say, for example, the volume of your hair isn’t enough to pull it off. Be patient and be sure of whether a particular style can be done to perfection on your hair.

Trials do wonders

It’s during the trial run you find the details where you can fine-tune your hair. You don’t want mishaps on the big day, do you? So, make sure to do a trial run for the chosen hairstyle. Check with your friends and family for advice. Make sure to scan the photographs of the trial and see if anything is missing or can be improved. In short, take the trial very seriously.

Make it clear to the stylist

If you are not able to make it clear to your stylist about your desired hairstyle, he/she might not be able to nail it. Visual references will help a lot to get the style right. Make sure to have many visual references of similar styles so that the stylist will clearly understand what you really want.

You can/can’t be your own hairstylist

Doing your own hair for your wedding can go amazingly good or terribly wrong. Yes, you read it right. If perfecting a ponytail is your best achievement so far, please make sure to get it done by a hairstylist. Because it’s for your big day, and better not take any risks. On the other hand, if you’ve done a lot of experiments and have mastered some great hairstyles, you can create the best hairstyles for your wedding. Then again, to be on the safe safe side, it’s always better to have an expert around, even if you are a pro at hairstyles.

Watch out this space as we come up with more tips for your wedding hairstyle next week. Till then, do check out Ristrah to know more about us and our products.

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