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Benefits of Using Organic and Natural Hair Care Products

Benefits Natural hair care products

We take it for granted that our shampoos and conditioners are healthy for our hair, skin and the body. However, there are some ingredients in traditional hair care products which can be doing more harm than good. Here are some good reasons to switch to organic and natural hair care products for healthy and gorgeous locks.

  • Organic and Natural Products Nourish Hair – We are very excited while buying a shampoo or conditioner for the first time. But after using it for a week or two we suddenly find that hair are limp, dull and lifeless. This is because the hair care product is overloaded with silicones or sulfates that strip hair of vital nutrients. These harsh chemicals do serious damage to hair and skin. On the other hand organic and natural hair care products are a healthy alternative for your hair because they are able to clean hair with a formula which is milder and does not strip hair of natural protective oils. Moreover, natural ingredients in these organic shampoos and conditioners repair tresses as well and make your locks look healthy and beautiful.

  • Organic and Natural Products are Safe for Skin – Chemicals like sulfates in shampoos not only strip natural oils from hair alone, but also from the scalp. It will not only dry your scalp but can pose a serious problem if you have sensitive skin. Ingredients used in organic and natural hair care products are typically recommended for people having sensitive skin. It is the antifungal properties of natural ingredients tea tree oil which provide an ideal solution for treating dandruff. Again, organic and natural hair care products are safer to use and help you avoid adverse side effects caused by harsh chemicals.

  • Organic and Natural Products are Environmentally Friendly – Your shower products can also have a negative impact on the environment. Chemical heavy shampoos, micro bead facial scrubs and other stuff which get sucked down the drain eventually end up in waterways. Harmful chemicals in these products pollute waterways and poison aquatic life. Organic and natural products use natural ingredients which are biodegradable. It’s a win-win situation because they are also good for you.

Organic and Natural Products are Free from Chemicals – Traditional hair care products contain a lot of chemicals like parabens and sulfates. While parabens are used to give a product longer shelf life, sulfates strip hair of nutrients in order to clean. Silicones are commonly used in conditioners for restoration after stripping hair with harsh chemicals in shampoos and which do not really result in healthy hair. This in fact is a vicious cycle. Parabens also have their disadvantages. While some people develop skin allergies to parabens others have their endocrine system affected which control hormones.

Better Results from Organic and Natural Products

Organic shampoos and conditioners typically contain natural ingredients like vegetable and fruit extracts, vitamin E, C and coconut oil. These ingredients practically guarantee better results. Long term usage of organic and natural products will not harm hair or skin. Organic and natural hair care products will also not strip color from hair dye but will deeply condition hair for best results. Natural hair care products will also be able to repair damage like split ends and hair breakage in no time. Given these facts, the sooner you switch to organic and natural hair care products the better for your healthy and luscious locks.

Detox your Skin & Environment

Most of the products that we consume are chemically processed, containing toxins and pesticides. The hair care products are not exempted from this. Undoubtedly, after we apply them to our skin, these get washed down and contaminates water and soil.

Avoiding these kinds of products and switching to chemical-free natural hair care products will help your hair and scalp and also is environment-friendly. As organic and natural products are purely made from vegetables and fruit extracts, no animals are harmed in the production process. This is a big step towards compassionate and eco-friendly healthy practices every one of us needs to follow in order to sustain a pollution-free and cruelty-free environment.

Organic hair care products

Ristrah’s Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Protector

Ristrah’s Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Protector is a formula made of vitamins, natural oils and Shea butter which act on skin as protection from hair dye and nourish at the same time. This is an all natural product which is free from phthalates, parabens, SLS/SLES, PEG, petrochemicals, alcohol, synthetic fragrances and animal ingredients. Other ingredients which go into the making of Ristrah’s Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Protector include jojoba esters, Japanese fruit wax, candelilla wax, vitamin E, vitamin C, lavender oil and coconut oil.


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