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What are Jojoba Oil and Esters Useful for?

Jojoba esters are produced by hydrogenating jojoba oil. Due to its remarkable similarity to natural oils produced by skin, jojoba esters are commonly used in numerous cosmetic formulations as an emollient. The high oxidative stability of jojoba esters is another reason for being the chosen one!

Key Benefits of Jojoba Esters

Jojoba esters provide elegant glide and soft texture to skin care formulations. As part of hair care products they provide smoothness and moisturize hair and serve as an excellent hair protector. Emollient, softening, moisturizing and conditioning properties of jojoba esters are beyond compare. Widespread consumer recognition of jojoba esters has made it an elective part of skin and hair care product labels throughout the world.

Jojoba Oil - Natural Hair Care Ingredients

Jojoba Oil is One-of-the-Best Hair Protector

Lack of nutrition and abnormal skin conditions are often the cause of hair loss. Jojoba oil is known to control hair loss by helping follicles grow new hair. Vitamins and minerals which are present in jojoba can nourish skin and improve overall health of scalp. Jojoba oil is excellent for relieving the following conditions.

  • Dry and Frizzy Hair – Jojoba oil will help in moisturizing and conditioning hair. As a result it will make hair more manageable and tangle free. It will also prevent shampoos from stripping off natural oil from hair.

  • Controlling Dandruff – Dry scalp is one of the leading causes of dandruff. Jojoba oil is antifungal, naturally rich in minerals and is very useful in controlling dandruff.

  • Relieving Scalp Psoriasis – Jojoba oil is easy to apply on scalp. Since it is waxy jojoba oil also spreads evenly. It can effectively clear up sebum and dead cell build up from scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of jojoba oil soothes skin while reducing redness and itching.

Jojoba Oil Benefits for Skin

Although jojoba oil is referred as ‘oil’, it is in fact wax. Waxes are much softer than oils and melt at lower temperatures. Additionally, jojoba wax is also odorless and less likely to become rancid over time. These features make jojoba oil an excellent ingredient for skin care. Jojoba oil improves the feel of skin by providing long-lasting moisture. Vitamin E and B and minerals like zinc, copper and chromium which are present in jojoba oil nourish and also protect skin at the same time.

Schild Hair Color Skin Protector

Well, if you are fond of coloring your hair but are apprehensive about staining your skin, we have an answer. Schild hair color skin protector contains jojoba esters, coconut oil, Japanese fruit wax, candelilla wax, vitamin E, vitamin C, Shea butter and refreshing and fragrant lavender oil is an ideal natural product which is meant to protect your skin from hair dye stains. Free from alcohol, animal ingredients, synthetic substances and chemicals, Ristrah’s Schild hair color skin protector is very easy to apply. Use Schild hair color skin protector along the hairline, forehead, ears and neck but be careful not to apply it on hair. Rinse it out only when you rinse the hair color.


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