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Affordable VEGAN beauty products aren’t a myth

Affordable vegan beauty products aren’t really a myth. When veganism was gaining its popularity, it was true that vegan products weren’t affordable to many. But a lot has changed now. People are now more open and ready to experiment on cruelty-free products. There has also been a great increase in the number of people switching to a vegan lifestyle. The rise of demand in the market has resulted in the production of plenty of cruelty-free products. Unlike a few years back, manufacturers of vegan beauty products have done a great job in making their products more affordable.

Vegan Beauty Products

Ristrah, for the love of animals!

When we said affordable vegan beauty products aren’t a myth, we meant it. That’s why Ristrah brings to you three astonishing hair care products at an eye-popping rate.

  • Schild Hair Color Stain Protector

  • Schild Hair Color Stain Remover

  • Natural Scalp Serum

Made out of natural components, products from Ristrah are free from animal-based ingredients, not tested on any animals and are available to you at unbelievably affordable prices. These products are also free from harmful chemicals and do a great deal of good for your skin and hair. Choosing to go for Ristrah’s products is a great way of showing respect to the animals and it also has multiple health benefits.

Schild Hair Color Stain Protector

Packed with the goodness of natural oils, vitamins, and shea butter, Ristrah, Schild Hair Color Stain Protector is a life saver when it comes to protecting your skin from hair color stains. Free from animal ingredients, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances, Schild Hair Color Stain Protector not only prevents hair color stains but also restores the natural glow of your skin.

Schild Hair Color Stain Remover

Now, this might be a lot to take in for some of you as Schild Hair Color Stain Remover, is a VEGAN hair color STAIN REMOVER! Yes, you read it right, a VEGAN STAIN REMOVER! Made of witch hazel, vegetable glycerine, and green tea extracts, Schild Hair Color Stain Remover is extremely gentle on your skin when it comes to removing hair color stains.

Natural Scalp Serum

Say goodbye to dry, itchy, flaky and irritated scalp with Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum. Formulated with natural extracts and vitamin B5, it helps you maintain healthy hair and scalp, retain moisture, and improve hair strength.

One of the key reasons to choose vegan products is to prevent the exploitation of animals. This could be the result of having an emotional attachment with an animal or from the belief that all sentient creatures have their right to live as much as we, human beings do. Most obviously, avoiding animal products is the best way to take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation, and at the same time get products with the safest ingredients for your hair and skin.

We totally understand the fact that it’s not easy to go vegan all of a sudden, but what we are suggesting is to start with our best bang for your buck vegan hair care products. As there are only natural ingredients in these products, and no animal testing involved, it’s totally worth a try. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed with the results. Most of all it’s the priceless satisfaction of being able to do something for the voiceless.

Please do visit to know more and to see the love Texas showered on us. We would love to hear from you about your experience with our product(s). Write to us at


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