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Our Story

We believe in promoting the wellness of men and women by creating natural products which are innovative, unique and economical . We believe in ethical sourcing. Our products are manufactured in USA. Ristrah’s management team has spent years in developing national brand products and managing business.

Coloring your hair is fun - until you see the stains on your skin caused by the hair color. While there are a few products that prevent the hair dye stains on the skin while hair coloring, they use harsh chemicals or alcohol. If you have sensitive skin, that is not an option. We looked in the stores to find an All-Natural product without petrochemicals and alcohol that would prevent stains on the skin from hair dye and could not find one. So we decided to create a product made with natural ingredients that would help people who color their hair at home or visit a hair salon to color their hair

Our Chemist:

Sreedhar Nalabolu is an award winning chemist who holds multiple world and US patents. He has over 30 years of experience in topical medical formulations, skin and hair care formulations, oral care and color cosmetics. Over the years, he has developed products for skin care brands such as Image Skincare, SkinCueticals, Nerium International, John Marini Skin care, D’Arcy laboratories, Credentials, Supergoop, Dermaquest, Proactive just to name a few.

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