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Summer is here! So is your summer hair care!

Summer is a ‘yay’ time. We all love to have fun in the sun. Summer holidays, beaches, vacations, and so many outdoor activities come to mind thinking of summer. But there are a few ‘not-so-fun’ stuff that accompanies summer. One of them being hair damage! If not given proper care and attention, summer can take a toll on your beautiful hair.

Given proper care right at the beginning of summer hair care, your hair will not only be free from damage but also look stunning and healthier. Read along to see some of the natural remedies with which you can have a glowing hair this summer.

This summer, be natural

Keeping your hair natural is the perfect way to go this summer. A loose natural look is what we suggest for your hair in summers. Use of wrong hair care products could do more damage than help. Going for harmless natural remedies would be the perfect solution to protect your hair and at the same time free yourself from the troubles of battling with your hair this summer.

Protect it like you really want to!

Stopping the UV rays from hitting your hair is the primary and one of the most effective ways to protect your hair from the sun. A hat can scale up your style quotient and at the same time guard your hair.

Experiment every other day with a new style of headscarves or bandanas. Basically, you are following the primitive way of protecting hair with loads of style added to it. Old school with a tweak is always the coolest!

Give those hot-tools a rest

Summer is getting hotter every year resulting in more heat and stress to your hair. When you’re already exposed to so much heat from the sun, hot tools like blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc could add up to your problems. For example, the use of flat irons could do more damage and also make those frizz stand out as your hair is most likely to be dry during the summer season. So give those tools a break and go for natural solutions like piling up your hair in the form of a bun or a ponytail at night. This will give your hair smooth curls by the morning.

The ‘save water’ hair care

Frequent hair washes will wash away more of natural oils in the scalp and stimulates the oil production. This, in fact, makes you feel like washing your hair more. Give a day’s break after your pool day and just rinse off the excess oil. Natural or homemade shampoos will be the best hair buddies in summer which will let you go for longer without washing hair. You also add your bit to the noble deed of saving water with lesser hair washes.

Right hair tools

Avoid using dense-tooth combs after hair wash or in general during summer. Go for a wide-tooth comb. These wide-tooth's are quite smooth on your hair and untangle hair very gently. If you’re using a brush or narrow-tooth comb, chances are, your hair breaks or tears when they are blocked by strands. It might sound silly, but the practicality of it is a big deal.

Pre-summer trim

Fact: Hair grows faster during the summer.

Take good advantage of this fact and give your hair a trim. This will refresh your hairstyle and is a perfect solution to get rid of split ends. Most people go for a short hairstyle as it is easy to manage and care for, especially in the hot summer season.

Stop fighting frizz

The best solution to frizz is maintaining healthy and balanced hair with conditioning and trims on a regular interval. As the summers are humid, it’s too much of a task to escape frizz. We recommend, you stop fighting it and go for some easy hair-dos. Try a pony or a hair bun; when done well, it’ll make you look really cool.

Summer is a difficult time for your hair. Having a good understanding of your hair and its problems will give you a better idea of how to care for it. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that a well-maintained hair is your key to a trouble-free summer.

Use a natural scalp serum

Try Ristrah Natural Scalp Serum to maintain a healthy scalp this summer. Ristrah’s scalp serum, made with natural extracts will help you get rid of the dry, itchy, flaky scalp and strengthen your hair.

  • The lupine extracts present in it stimulate the microcirculation in the scalp and maintains a healthy hair.

  • Aloy and hibiscus present in the serum help moisturize the scalp.

  • Vitamin B5 improves hair strength, prevents flakiness and retains moisture

Ristrah Natural Scalp Serum is an all-in-one solution for healthy hair this summer. Try yours today! We’re all ears when it comes to hearing from you. Do let us know of your summer experience with Ristrah.


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