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Tips for women dying hair at home - Ristrah

Hello Ladies!

Have you ever experienced a beautiful transformation of your whole appearance just by doing some tiny little, yet fascinating alterations to your hair?

If the answer is yes, why don’t you just try something different this time?

If the answer is no, come on! It is the time for some glamorous changes to be done. The right hair color will transform your looks, enrich your skin tone, cover grays and mostly add a healthy sparkle to your eyes.

Having a color at the salon can sometimes be really costly and run upwards from your budget. It can be intimidating as you might think that only pros can do it. Here we are; providing the best step-by-step tutorial on how exactly you should work on trying a color on your hair at home and using the special products which will do the trick.

women dying hair at home

Here we go..! Start off reading these few simple rules.

  • Be Conservative-Never ever choose a color more than two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair tone.

  • If you are worried that you might miss a spot, get help from a friend.

  • Select a place with good light. The gloomy dimmer switch in your bathroom is definitely not the place for you to try out your new hair color since the intensity of it could vary a lot.

  • Condition prior to the procedure: Most color kits come with a tube containing a deep conditioner which should be used right after the dye is rinsed out from hair. A continuous deep-conditioning treatment should be carried out at least once in a week following the application of dye, to preserve the color and shine.

  • Before starting the whole dying procedure, make sure to do a strand test! This will help you to decide how long the coloring agent should be left on hair in order to see the desired outcome. A quarter to a half inch wide part just above your ear will be the best strand to be chosen.

  • Read the instructions properly.

  • Precision on application is the key! This is really important as much as the selection of the hair color which goes well with your appearance.

  • Get some plastic clips, a plastic bowl with the prepared mixture and a hair color application brush. All these should be kept near to you before starting the procedure since you are the solo- player of the game here!

Let's get started

  1. Men and women had bad dye your hair home experience because they experienced how hard it is to remove the hair color dye stain on their skin. As removing the stain is one of the hardest part of the hair dying (if not the hardest), be proactive and use a solution that avoids hair dye to stain on your skin. ‘SCHILD hair color stain protector’ is a wonderful solution. With all natural Schild you need not to worry about the stains on your skin after the self-run game you already finished successfully.

  2. Section your hair into four equal quadrants and clip each one with a clip.

  3. Start of by unclipping one section of hair and gently apply the color using your applicator brush. This should be even and accurate so please pay more attention on regulating your patience!

  4. Use a hand mirror which will help you see the roots at the back of your head.

  5. Once the application on one strand is over clip it to the back and start off with another section. Carry out this way in all 4 quadrants and this will help you to achieve a simple and even application.

  6. Shine and rinse- This is where the magic lies! A proper rinsing and a washing off of the hair following the color will give out an amazing glossy appearance to your hair.

  7. Add a little bit of water to the left over dye on hair and gently rub it in a circular motion which will result in an even distribution of color with a deep engravement which will last for a longer duration of time.

Simple enough, right? So why wait?

Go, grab your favorite hair color with SCHILD hair color stain protector and experience! Remember Schild contains miracle oils of nature including Jojoba and Coconut oil which are the secret hair-glowing essences of ancient beauty queens like Cleopatra!They nourish your hair roots like never before and enhance the strength of each strand by acting within the molecular build-up of hair.

Learn more about Schild and see how Schild can improve your hair coloring experience.


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