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Three Common Conditions Which Can Marr Our Scalp Health

common conditions which can marr our scalp health

It may be something more than dandruff if you find that you are constantly scratching your scalp. Causes of itchy scalp can be many, from dandruff to ringworm or something which is more serious like bacterial infection. It would be helpful if you get to understand what is it that is the cause of your itchy or irritated scalp. Here are three most common itchy and irritated scalp causes.

  • Dandruff – It is also known as seborrheic dermatitis. This is the most common skin condition which causes white or grey flakes of skin to appear on scalp & in hair. These flakes are most often noticeable when they fall from scalp onto hair. The scalp also feels dry and itchy. Although it can be unpleasant to have dandruff and may even be difficult to get rid off; it isn’t contagious or harmful. It is in fact the inflammatory response to an overgrowth of yeast that causes itching and flaking. It is normal for yeast to live on the scalp and all along the body in hairy parts. However, the problem only arises when there is too much of yeast present.

  • Head Lice – Don’t think that head lice affect only school going children. They can in fact invade anyone’s scalp. Head lice in fact prefer clean hair. Nevertheless, having head lice in no way means that you are having poor hygiene. One way to identify lice is to look closely at the head. You can see tiny eggs (nits) that are attached to individual strands of hair. Although they appear a bit like dandruff, they stay glued to the hair shaft and cannot easily be shaken off. There may also be adult lice moving around the scalp, but are so hard to spot.

  • Allergic Reactions – Hair dyes can cause allergic reaction on the scalp. Eczema is another condition which can cause an itchy and irritated scalp. A topic dermatitis can also make the scalp itchy. However, these are some of the less common causes of an itchy scalp. Allergic reactions can be stopped if you can identify irritated scalp causes and steer clear of the chemical which is responsible. Moreover, even when there is an allergic reaction they generally go away on their own. It may be challenging if you are unable to identify the chemical and may then be required to undergo specialized tests in order to sort out which chemical is causing allergy.

Time to Worry about Itchy & Irritated Scalp

In most cases, itchy scalp isn’t any cause for concern. But then if it is persistent and refuses to go away even after you have tried several over the counter products it may indicate something serious. Especially when the itchy spots are very sore to touch and the itching keep you up all night. It would then be sensible that you go and see a dermatologist. The doctor can be helpful in finding the underlying causes of itchy scalp.

Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum

ristrah strengthens hair scalp serum

Prevention is always better than cure. Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum is 100% vegan and does not contain any chemicals which end up doing more harm than good. Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum is formulated with natural extracts and vitamin B5 which helps relieve dry, itchy, flaky and irritated scalp. It also strengthens hair and helps you in maintaining a healthy scalp.



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