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How to remove or avoid hair dye stain off the skin

Coloring your hair at home by yourself can be fun and more affordable but it can also be very intimidating. Perhaps that is why we often prefer to pay a visit to the hair salons for hair coloring. There are absolutely challenges with hair coloring, even for experts. What if we offered a cream that can proactively and naturally eliminate some of these challenges? A cream that is used and recommended by hair dressers. Would it help you dye your hair or your friends’ even your customers’ hair like a pro?

First, let’s look at the challenges…

One of the major challenges with dying your hair is the stain from hair dye on your skin, and people often wonder how to remove hair dye from skin. However, the better question is how to avoid hair color staining on your skin? Proactive, huh?

Are the cleanser or hair dye removal solutions good for my skin?

You probably already researched about how to remove the hair dye off your skin and you probably found some articles recommending petroleum jelly, moisturizing cream or a thick lotion but you already know or perhaps experienced that many of these products can create skin irritation - especially if you or your friends have a sensitive skin. What if we offered a solution that avoids skin pigmentation from hair color and helps nourish your skin in the process? A natural vegan solution that is free from parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, PEG, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol and animal ingredients. Natural, huh?

So… how to remove hair dye or hair color from skin?

In Ristrah, we aim to offer beauty solutions with natural ingredients and we would like to answer this question as “be proactive and avoid the hair dye stain on the skin, on the forehead, on the ear by using a natural, petroleum and alcohol free - stain barrier cream for hair coloring”.

Our Schild Natural stain remover product is a great working solution. Schild is a velvety cream. However, as its name suggests, it puts a reliable barrier and a strong shield between the hair dye and your skin.

The correct question … How to avoid hair dye stain on your skin?

Before using the hair dye, apply the Schild natural hair color stain protector solution along the hairline to keep dye off of your skin. Don’t forget easy to miss spots like the top of your ears and back of your neck. Be careful not to apply it to hair. Rinse only when the hair color is rinsed. Remember, elegantly packaged Schild bottles can be used multiple times and with every use it provides a strong barrier for the hair dye while putting silky and velvety feeling on your sensitive skin.

Please contact us for any questions read about the great testimonials from hairstylists from local and well-known hair salons.

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