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Your Guide to All Natural Hair Care

All Natural Hair care

Harsh shampoos generally dry and irritate your scalp. It would therefore be sensible to learn about the pH balance in the shampoo. However, hair care is so personal that what works for one does not necessarily work for another. The ultimate all natural hair care roundup is therefore so difficult. Here are some questions which people generally ask when they all looking for all natural hair care products.

Why are My Hair So Greasy?

This is the number one complaint from many people. pH balanced formula is important to overcome this problem. There are numerous reasons why you could end up with greasy hair while using shampoos off the shelf.

  • Detox – Prepare for a detox phase if you are new to natural shampooing. Most commercial shampoos strip hair and scalp of natural oils. When hair is stripped of natural oils our body signals for scalp to produce more. This means the harsher the shampoo, the body is required to produce more natural oils. It therefore takes the body more time to re-balance itself. It will take time, but once the body finds its balance you can expect manageable hair with minimum shampooing.

  • Hard Water – It may be a water issue for people whose detox phase does not seem to end. Especially hard water can be harsh on scalp. Hair may never feel good if you have hard water issues irrespective of the commercial shampoos you use. However, getting a filter for the shower can make a big difference to your hair.

  • Other Factors – A combination of detox, water, ingredients and methods can combine to be other factors which can affect your hair health. Check your water, watch your shower and see the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner when you have problems with your hair. You have to be willing to experiment and try to find the correct balance if you are serious about natural hair care.

How Much Shampoo to Use?

How much shampoo to use

Normally, this will depend upon the length, water, type of hair you have and other factors. However, truth is that ‘Less is More’ in effect. Begin with a small amount and experiment to find the right balance which suits you.

Brushing for Healthy Scalp and Hair

Never forget to brush for a healthy scalp and hair. This is one of the best things one can do. Brushing has shown to help improve shine, prevent dryness and recovering from hair loss. This in fact is ultimate for natural hair care which effectively boosts micro circulation.

Hair Care Products from Ristrah

  • Schild Hair Color Stain Protector – The thought of staining skin bothers you whenever you think of coloring your hair. Schild hair Color Stain Protector prevents the stains and is your savior which is packed with goodness of Shea Butter, Vitamins and natural oils. It also restores natural glow of skin and is free from parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, PEG, petrochemicals, alcohol, synthetic fragrances and animal ingredients.

  • Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Remover – Made of vegetable glycerin, witch hazel and green tea extract, Schild Natural Hair Color Stain Remover gently removes stains from skin. Just apply remover on a cotton pad and gently rub stained areas of skin. It is 100% vegan and gluten free. It does not contain parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals, phthalate, sulfates, silicone, ammonia or artificial fragrance.

  • Natural Scalp Serum – This all natural product from Ristrah is formulated with Vitamin B5 and Natural Extracts. It is helpful in relieving dry, flaky, itchy and irritated scalp. Natural Scalp Serum also strengthens hair and helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. Fine quality natural ingredients which are a part of the product include lupine, red clover, aloe and hibiscus.


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