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How Scalp Serum Can Give You the Best Good Hair Days Ever

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. You are never fully dressed without great hair. Anyone can have dry scalp which in turn affects so many other aspects of your life like your hair and your self-confidence.

We do a lot of damage to our scalp with our even realizing it. An extra couple of hours out in the sun with exposure to pollution, and you could end up having a very unhappy scalp. The scalp skin is way more delicate with a reduced barrier function compared to the rest of the skin on our body. The quality of your scalp is directly proportional to the quality of your hair. Maintaining a healthy scalp is the key to a healthy hair.

Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem

Scalp Serum Can Give You the Best Good Hair Days Ever

One of the major causes of itchy and dry scalp are the chemicals in hair color and hair care products. Sulfates, Ammonia, Alcohol and peroxide can dry the scalp and can also cause irritation, itchiness and flakes. Most of your hair products may be doing more harm than good to your precious hair. Check the ingredients in your hair products before you use them.

How does a Scalp Serum Help?

Natural Scalp Serum Ristrah’s can help with your dry scalp. It is a vegan product made of natural extracts to relieve dry scalp condition and strengthen your hair. The Natural Scalp Serum by Ristrah has all the right natural ingredients to help strengthen and breathe life back into your hair. Regular use of the natural serum is essential in maintaining healthy hair. Your scalp is soothed and moisturized by Aloe and Hibiscus in the product. It also contains Lupine Seed Extract that helps stimulate micro circulation in the scalp and provides relief from dryness and itchiness. It is an anti-ageing active ingredient that helps stimulate hair growth. Your hair follicles are further strengthened by Clover Extract that also helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. Vitamin B5 helps prevents further degradation of your dry scalp by retaining moisture and improving hair strength.

All Natural Products

What ingredients go into your hair Care products are crucial to your hair’s health. Check the ingredients in your synthetic hair products that can damage your scalp health before you buy them. Ristrah’s Natural Scalp Serum contains no harmful chemicals and gives you a natural remedy for your dry scalp woes. This product has no parabens, phthalates, PEGs, sulfates, silicone, petrochemicals, alcohol and artificial fragrance. Not to forget, the cruelty free product is 100% vegan. Our research and development team makes sure that it is not tested on animal and neither does it contain any animal related products.

For best results, use the product regularly.


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